1 Bottle Pack (bright colors)

Save money and reduce waste with Flip-It!®, the ultimate solution for getting every drop out of your bottles on items such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, condiments and more!

FLIP 1 BOTTLE AT A TIME! Includes 1 XL Purple Flip-It!® Dispensing Stand, 1 Large Red, 1 Medium Orange, 1 Small Yellow Adapter and matching reusable leak proof gaskets.

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      Wendy Lang
      Great innovation!!

      Love this product! Ordered several as gifts - everyone felt the same...Great Product!

      Kristen Carloni
      Works as advertised!

      It definitely extended the life of my product. For some reason my lotion did not fall into the base, so I couldn’t squeeze it out and had to remove the cap to get it out with a finger. But, it did get the product to move down. I’m happy with it!

      Kenneth Reed
      Helpful, but not perfect

      These caps are helpful, and do allow you to get just about every drop out of a container. But there are some inherent laws of physics that prevent them from working perfectly, especially if the liquid in the container is more viscous, as, for example, with hand lotion.
      The viscosity of hand lotion creates a situation in which air is not readily "sucked" back into the bottle to replace the lotion as it is used, so the bottle needs to be squeezed harder with each application. Eventually the bottle would be squished almost flat, but long before that it starts to suck the cap closed immediately after pulling it open. Annoying, but you can usually make things work with some fiddling.
      However, the cap is not leakproof, at least not along the shaft of the valve. After about a dozen applications, lotion is leaking around the shaft of the valve, and eventually becomes a mess that's not easy to clean off. Maybe I've just got a leaky valve, but after a complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, and reassembly it's still leaking a little.
      So, to recap (hah!), these caps are great for use on most bottles, as long as the liquid therein is not too thick. Still worth the investment, I think.

      Anne McCarthy
      Works like a charm

      Just what I needed to help with the last bit of lotion from the bottle. It holds the bottle in place and is so much easier than trying to balance it upside down to keep the lotion flowing.

      Jeanne Lohr
      It works really well!

      Flip it Cap is the answer to getting lotion out of the bottom of the large bottles and not throwing it away and wasting!

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