1 Bottle Pack (pastel colors)

Save money and reduce waste with Flip-It!®, the ultimate solution for getting every drop out of your bottles on items such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, condiments and more!

FLIP 1 BOTTLE AT A TIME! Includes 1 XL Grey Flip-It!® Dispensing Stand, 1 Large Coral, 1 Medium Dark Grey, 1 Small Cream Adapter and matching reusable leak proof gaskets.


*package color may vary

    Customer Reviews

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    Annie Buck
    Great Product to Save Money!

    I used to jump through hoops to get the last bits of lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hair product, body wash, etc. out of the bottle. The stuff is so expensive, it's a shame to let it go to waste. The flip-it! caps have made everything so easy! We use them for everything now. My husband at first made gentle fun of me over them, until I put one on his discontinued shampoo so he could use every last drop. His tune has changed! He now uses them on his shampoo and bodywash all the time, not just when they're running out. I have bought these for my friends and family and spread the word! We can all use a good product that does what it says and in doing so, saves us money and frustration. I love these things!

    Cindy k
    Wish you could pick the sizes you want

    I love this product, but I don’t like you have to buy sizes you don’t need. I was sent a reply to use a code an then I could order what I wanted…. Did not work.
    It really is disappointing, because I believe I am not the only person that would love more options.

    Almost perfect

    Love how it minimizes product waste. Wish I could purchase specific size packs of the gasket refills as I don’t use all sizes. Also wish the stands worked when the nozzle is pulled out - one squeeze typically doesn’t dispense enough product (e.g., body lotion) so I either have to keep the nozzle open and lay the bottle on its side in between squeezes which pulls product away from the base, or close the nozzle each time.

    Melanie Roberts

    These really work well. I’m glad you thought of it. How about a size that would accommodate a tiny cosmetic pump product. I know I’m leaving a ton of expensive serum at the bottom when the pump stops grabbing it.

    Pam Baker
    Get it all!!

    I am loving this new gadget! I got every drop of my lotion out of the bottle, switched it over to my shampoo, and enjoying it as well.

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