Bottle Emptying Kit

Maximize Value, Minimize Waste

Be Sustainable

Re-usable 1,000 Times

No More Wasted Product

Flip-It! Cap is designed to help you get every last drop out of your pump and screw-top bottles, such as lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and more.

Let Gravity Do the Work!

Ensure you get the full value from your purchased products AND be sustainable. Maximizing value and Minimizing Waste!

Don't Toss it, Flip-It!®

Super Set - Every Size and Piece WE offer!

Includes our standard adapters as well as our 20mm (XXS), 22mm (XXS), and our flip top bottle stands! The only kit you'll ever need.
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Case of 6 x 1-pks

Flip-it! Gift Set

$38.99 (only $6.50 per kit!)
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No More Wasted Product:

You paid for it, so why leave any behind? Flip-It Cap ensures that you use every last drop of your favorite sauces, shampoos, lotions, and more!

Saves Money:

When you squeeze out every last drop, you're using the entire product you paid for. Over time, the savings add up significantly.


By ensuring all content is used, we decrease waste and reduce our ecological footprint and make it possible for bottles to be recycled. Plus, our caps are reusable on multiple bottles!

Universal Fit:

Our specially designed caps fit most standard bottles. From the kitchen to the bathroom, Flip-It! has you covered.

Simple & Easy to Use:

Attach it in seconds, and let gravity do the work! It’s a hassle-free solution.

Perfect for:

Kitchen: Sauces, syrups, honey, oils.

Bathroom: Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, body washes.

Laundry Room: Detergents, softeners.

Garage: Oils, lubricants, car wax

What our Customer's are Saying:


"Ever since I started using the Flip-It! Cap, I've been amazed at how much product was left in bottles I would've otherwise thrown away. Easy to use and super effective. Every household should have one!"

Michael P.

"Gone are the days of banging bottles to get the last bit out. With the Flip-It! Cap, I get every penny's worth from my products. Superb idea and execution!"

Samantha R.

"Fantastic for those pricey shampoo and conditioner bottles. I've saved so much just by ensuring I'm not leaving behind any product. The Flip-It! Cap bottle emptying kit is a must-have!"

Diego T.

"Game changer! I thought I was getting every last drop out of my bottles, but the Flip-It! Cap has proven me wrong. Such a simple yet genius solution. No more wasting product or money!"

Linda K.

"I'm all for sustainability, and the Flip-It! Cap has made me feel even better about my consumption. I can now be sure I'm utilizing every bit of product and reducing waste. Easy to fit and super handy."

Jasmine Z.

Join the revolution against waste and make the most out of every bottle!



"Combining simplicity with functionality, the Flip-It! Cap has revolutionized the way I use up products. Zero waste and 100% satisfaction." - Hugo V.