Large Adapters, 4-Pack

Includes 4 Large Adapters along with a full set of gaskets

  • Color options: Red or Coral
  • Use these Large Adapters with your Flip-It!® Dispensing Stands
  • This 33mm size fits most Economy-Size Pump Shampoo and Conditioner, Liquid and Gel Dishwasher Detergent, Chocolate Syrup, Ketchup, Hand Soap Refills and More

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dony Gisseler
Money Saver!

these caps are 100% worth it! They help make sure you get to use EVERY drop of product you have!! saving you money and producing less waste :D

Larry M.
Review Large Adapters

The concept of these are ingenious but, after using them for a few months, they are (at least to me) more trouble than they're worth. First, if you pull the nozzle out to get some hand cream, and then you forget to push it back in and set the bottle down, the plastic legs aren't long enough to hold the bottle upright because the nozzle is in the way, which causes two things to happen....the bottle tips over and the excess lotion on the tip of the nozzle gets all over whatever you set the bottle down on. You can avoid this by making sure you push the nozzle back to its closed position, but, eventually, you'll make the same mistake I did and have lotion to clean up. We're still using this product but they really don't make my life any easier, plus, I never really lost any sleep over some lotion being left at the bottom of a bottle and not being able to get to it.

Nickson Lubin
Very helpful from my perception

The perception of people differ due to many reasons. Nevertheless I find this item helpful and effective for ordinary people who use the same every day household items.

Beth Carlstrom
Love them

Love them .. the gray adapter is great !!

Janalee Arnold
wonderful product!!

I had seen these on Facebook and decided I need to buy these....I really like them and bought another set! What a great idea!! Wish I would have thought of it!
I highly recommend these!

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