Recycle Responsibly

Recycle ResponsiblyThe problem doesn’t end with the blue bin... The dirty truth is that bottles discarded with product left inside (soaps, lotions, sun block, food items, cleaning chemicals, adhesives, motor oils, etc..) are not easily recyclable, if they are recycled at all.

Industry experts and municipalities are now acknowledging that most recycling programs are failing, with the result being plastic waste going directly into landfills where they are crushed and flattened to make room for more. When this happens, remnant products left in bottles are free to leach out into the ground and water, polluting the Earth on a continuous basis.

By using Flip-It!® you’re able to stop this trend affordably and easily by completely emptying your bottles before they’re discarded. Not only will you get every drop you’ve paid for, but you’ll feel good knowing you’re making an important difference to the planet.