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It is a fabulous product. I am amazed at how much we throw away. With flip it it makes my job easier-have been eking out the last drops for years. Now it’s soooo easy!Highly recommend

Greatest invention ever.

I love these Flip-it caps. I have sets in my kitchen and a set in my bathroom. I have given numerous sets away as gifts. I see you came out with xsmall and xxsmall. Do you sell these smallest sizes in a pkg separate from the original sizes? I would buy atleast 4 sets of the smaller sizes but i will not buy them with the original sizes, as i have plenty of those.

Flip it cap

Works great! I get so much more out of my bottles!

Handiest tool in the drawer.

I received this as a gift. It has become a NEEDED item. So handy, I don't know how I did without it before. I have now bought the 6 gift pack so I can give to all my friends. I'm sure it will be a HIT with them as it was for me. LOVE IT!!!

Large Adapters, 4-Pack
Beverly Gardner

Large Adapters, 4-Pack

Flip cap

Item does all that is promised. Easy to use and gets that last drop of lotion. Have recommended it to friends and family.

LOVE these!

I use these all over my house for shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotions, honey….I think it’s a brilliant idea! I feel so good about completely emptying the various containers efficiently and easily.

Works as expected.

Work as expected though I wish manufacturers would slant tops of bottles so product would flow towards flipit when upside down!


Work good

This worked great! I put it on a bottle of my lotion that I have used for years. Usually when I get to the point that it no longer pumps out I have to slam it down to try to get the remaining lotion out. Flip-it it worked exactly as I wanted it to. I got as much out of the container that I could. I feel like I am no longer wasting lotion. Highly recommend it!

Love these!

Just ordered more! Great for the thrifty in me needing to get every last drop out lol.

Great product!

For the price this is phenomenal! Had a bunch of almost empty lotion bottles that I was able to finally use up. Since prices are so high having this gadget really helps me get my money’s worth!

Love this

Works great for my Eucerin body lotion.

Makes life easier

Saw this on shark tank and all I can say is this has saved us money and time! no more reaching into lotion bottles for the last 25%!

Didn't fit the bottles I wanted to use them on. Don't fit all bottles.

Flipit cap

Seems to work appropriately.

Love These!

If you are frugal like me and hate losing product because you can’t get it out of the bottle, this is for you! It works like a charm without making a mess. I used it on two different bottles of lotion with excellent results. highly recommend Flipit Caps!

not for what I need

I was intrigued by this product - I wanted to use with lotion, but the lotion I use is too thick to make these functional. They'd be great for shampoos and liquid soaps.

Not necessary

Can't one add a few drops of water, shake and then dispense? Can't one place a bottle upside down inside a cup or glass and allow the product to drain out? Really need more plastic in the house that will be used 3 times and then thrown away? And how about the flip-it cap, how do I get that empty?


Three people tried to get the, on & work.f

Deluxe 6 Bottle Pack, 12 pieces


So far I’m loving them. Just used one so far but works great.