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Seem to work great

I tried it on some lotion. Seems to have a little leakage around the threads but that is no big deal. It is doing its job.


When ordering it was confusing as to what the sizes were of the stands. I was looking to buy an assortment of sizes and got 6 very large stands which I will probably never use. The web site needs to be more user friendly as to sizes, etc.

Works great

Really helpful for getting the last quarter of product we paid so much for.

6 original systems plus 2 NEW bottle stands in one super assortment! *Your Complete Solution - Every Size & Style We Offer!*

Flip-it caps

Absolutely love it!

Flip it

Was looking forward to be able to empty the bottle of my favorite lotion. I even purchased the extra ones for Nivea and others. But none fit my EOS lotion. So currently not happy.

Love Them!

I had the set of regular caps which were too large for my Eucerin and was VERY happy to find one made just for this brand. Works great!

Deluxe 6 Bottle Pack, 12 pieces


Unable to find a single bottle in my home that the flip it caps will fit.

Good quality!

Have not used them as of yet.

Deluxe 6 Bottle Pack, 12 pieces

Flip it caps

I have a bottle of men's hand lotion that is almost empty. Tried every size on this bottle and not one worked. So little disappointed.

Better idea for lotion bottles

I found these to be simple to put on lotion bottles. But it's so hard to squeeze the bottle. Taking out the washer to see if that works better. I like how the lotion gets down by standing the bottle upside-down.,but hard to squeeze it out

Great product

I love my flip-it caps and adapters!!!!

Deluxe 6 Bottle Pack, 12 pieces

No enough of the medium size

These mostly fit OK but most of my bottles seem to be "medium," and there's only one medium cap in this bag with a lot of stuff. That means, I need to buy more. Sad.

Deluxe 6 Bottle Pack, 12 pieces

Deluxe 6 Bottle Pack, 12 pieces

Amazing product

Saves, saves, saves the last 25% of lotion for use instead of wasting. Love, love

It works awesome

Great - I've Flip-It.

Best one!

I would be honest, I put my lotion/shampoo/conditioner upside down to get every last bit and this made my life easier even my son loves it!

Not what expected

Doesn't fit many of my lotion/hair product lids

I’ve only used one cap so far, but it really works! The order also arrived quickly. I would recommend this product.

Deluxe 6 Bottle Pack, 12 pieces
Julie Willson Muilenburg

Deluxe 6 Bottle Pack, 12 pieces