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New size

Much needed new size of inserts. Thank you.

Gasket Refill Pack
Cherylann Pierce
gasket refill pack

these are durable and washable. great product

Flip Cap

Love this product ♥️‼️

Review of Deluxe 6 Bottle Pack, 12 pieces

Five *****

great money saver… easy to use

Saves so much money. soon as pump stops pumping on body lotion pull it out and put on the flip it cap. I got 3 weeks extra out of it. saves so much $. no waste and less shopping and no sideways bottles in the bathtub!!

Good But Not Perfect

These have come in so handy. So far so good on most shampoo & conditioner bottles of all sizes. Only problem was thinner more runny product when I opened it it would pour out wasting a lot of product! You gotta be fast to get your hand under the opening. I Just put it on a big Palmers lotion bottle & the hole for the product to come out is too small for the thick lotion to come out & the bottle falls over. I’ve not checked to see if you have any for thicker products like lotions but I’m about to check & if you don’t that’s an idea for you. Although, I have these problems I’d still buy again


Good item for the money

Great product

so far these work perfectly! I just needed the first one this week and followed the instructions about the gasket late, my fault. With it in place no leaking and getting my body wash to the last drop. Great product!!

Should have had 40 years ago!!

These things are great! You get all the lotions, soaps or other products you always had trouble getting out of the bottles. Worth the $$ 😁

A "Must-Have" Gadget!

Whoever invented FlipItCap is a genius!!! I didn't realize how much I needed this gadget until I got one as a gift. No more turning bottles upside down and trying to keep them propped up in effort to get to the remainder of whatever liquid is in them! I love this gadget so much I bought 6 more and then bought another 6 just to give them to friends!

NEW Bottle Emptying Stand in White or Grey

Really works

Just as described, works great

Where has this been all my life?

Love the concept and the multiple sizes!! A “must have” for every household!


A great invention that saves a lot of wasted products! This is my second set!

Excellent product.

Excellent product. They prevent so much waste. I would recommend everybody try them.

Best idea ever!!

Until cereal boxes come with ziplock bags this is the best thing ever to help us use all the products we buy!

Great product

This makes getting the last of what’s in a bottle easy to finish up without getting it all over the place. Very happy I got these.

Extra Small Adapters, 4-Pack


I am using 2 right now and they work perfectly.

Game Changer!

The day I received my set, I popped them on an Aveno lotion bottle & some shampoo bottles. I was able to get an extra week of usage out of the lotion & about 2 more weeks with the shampoo!

I absolutely love this product, they come in different sizes so they fit all the bottles I need them on. I will be buying mores!

Love this product! No more waste or hassle!

Quick to attach and love now using every drop!

Bottle stands

Very selective on what bottles they work on.

Perfect name!

This product has already saved me money! Easy to set up and use. So excited to not have to prop bottles upside down and try to transfer the rest of one bottle into another without making a mess! Total game changer! Thank you!


I am very impressed with how it works. Great invention!

I love Flip-it!

I really like these. Great idea! Easy way to use up shampoos/lotions, etc., and not have waste.