Flip-It! Cap System FAQ's

FAQ Topics

How It Works

Q How exactly does Flip-It!® Work ?
Q I don't really speak in "millimeters"! Tell me what kind of bottles you are talking about!
Q My shower is full of a zillion shampoos and conditioners, and they all need the Orange 28mm adapter! Can I get more of just those?
Q Sounds great! Is there anything it doesn’t work on?
Q But wait! I see more and more bottles already standing upside down on the store shelves.
Q How come no plastic bags inside the boxes?
Q So when does it make sense to use Flip-It!?
Q Gaskets…can’t you color code them, and can we expect them to last?
Q I’m trying to decide if they're worth the money. Convince me.

Safety & The Environment

Q Are they re-usable?
Q The package says Flip-It! helps with recycling. How so?